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Breweries & Wineries

Brewery Werks is a Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioner, HVAC Repair and Servicing Contractor offering a full range of services for Breweries and Wineries. Our highly experienced heating and cooling crews provide free consultations to help you decide on the best system for your facility. As your heating and cooling system ages, it can not only lose efficiency but just break down... a costly and inconvenient situation with customers in your tasting room. Our team will keep your system running smoothly year-round and will help you make the right choices when it's time for replacement.

Capabilities for Heating & Cooling Systems


Hot water Systems
Steam Heating Systems
Forced Air (gas and electric)
Packaged Rooftop Equipment
Split Systems
Electric/Gas Radiant Systems
Direct/Indirect Gas Fired Infrared Heating Units
Direct/Indirect Gas Fired Make-up Air Units
Roof Curb and Rail Installation



Forced Air (gas and electric)
Direct Expansion (DX) Cooling Systems
Chilled Water Cooling Systems
Packaged Rooftop Equipment
Split Systems
Roof Curb and Rail Installation



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