Tank Installations

Breweries & Wineries

Our crews are well versed in all phases of tank installation, whether you are looking for a new tank installation in wide open space or addition with a tight fit into an existing system. With the use of forklifts and cranes we can bring your tanks in through dock doors, through the roof, or open up a wall for installation. In unique circumstances that require custom rigging equipment, we have engineered and fabricated custom fixtures for lifting and positioning tanks.

When your tanks need to be set on Load Cells / Weigh Modules, our team has the knowledge and experience to level and anchor your tanks correctly.

Our objective is to provide the best possible service to get your facility up and running as quickly as possible.

Tank Installation Capabilities


Lauter Tun
Kettle (pot, boiler, or copper)
Brite Beer Tanks
Bright Beer Tanks
Hot Liquor Tanks
Cold Liquor Tanks
Grundy Tanks
Malt Tanks
Storage Tanks
Mash Tun
Grain Silos


Winery Tanks

White Wine Fermenters
White Wine Fermenters
Red Wine Fermenters
Open Top Fermenter
Combi Wine Fermenters
Charmant Tanks
Tapered Fermenters
Bulk Storage Tanks
Blending Tanks
Variable Capacity Fermenters
Convertible Fermentation Tanks


Load Cell/Weigh Module Leveling

Mechanical Leveling and Alignment
Laser Leveling and Alignment


Tank Configurations

Horizontal Cylinder Tank
Vertical Cylinder Tank
Rectangle Tank
Horizontal Oval Tank
Vertical Oval Tank
Horizontal Capsule Tank
Vertical Capsule Tank


Tank Sizes/Volumes

60,000 Gallons US
300 bbl
35' x 13' Malt Tanks
42' x 13' Fermenters
40' x 15' Brite (Bright) Tanks
26' Diameter Lauter Tun
Smaller 30 bbl systems as well



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